"What is important to you is important to me.  I pledge to you that regardless of what issues we face here in Prince William County, I will listen to you, learn what is important to you and work with you".

In recent years, I-95 through Fairfax, Prince William County and Stafford has ranked as the most congested traffic hotspot in the country. Yes, in the country!  Literally, the greatest threat to moving forward in Prince William County is our traffic.  I am a commuter of 23 years and like you, I know first hand the daily challenges we all face.  I will work to make our community more accessible.

Like you, I have commuted from Prince William County to Washington DC for 23 years. I know firsthand the challenges we all face. I understand transportation is the greatest threat to progress in Prince William County. In fact, a study conducted in recent years revealed traveling on I-95 through Fairfax, Prince William County and Stafford ranked as the most congested traffic hotspot in the country. Yes, in the entire country! When elected, I will work with you to make our community more accessible by providing tangible solutions that matter.


Currently, Prince William County is ranked #15 among the region’s best non-federal, public and private employer. This is good news but there is more we must do. As a parent with two daughters who currently or in the past have gone through the school system, I know the recipe for success is smaller class sizes and quality teachers. In order to move forward we must recruit and retain the best teachers in order to give our children the best chance to succeed.

Public Safety

Prince William County ranks in the bottom 3rd for crime in the Washington, DC metro area. For the last 1 1/2 years,  I have had the privilege of serving on the Prince William County Police Advisory Board learning just how our the Prince William County police keep our crime rates low, public approval high and put their lives on the line every day to keep us safe. I am excited about the idea of moving the relationship forward between our police and the community.



I served our community as Supervisor Caddigan’s representative on the Board of Equalization which oversees the appeals process for property taxes in Prince William County. This experience provided an even greater insight into the need for fiscal responsibility and balance in our community. While we have a moderate tax rate compared to surrounding counties, we must ensure our tax rates remain balanced in order to address the needs of the community in the areas of: transportation, education and public safety. Doing so will permit positive progression while maintaining a lower sales tax rate.   

Protecting Our Open Spaces

The vast amount of open spaces and parks serves as one of the hidden treasures of the Potomac District.  Places like Locust Shade Park remain an oasis from the everyday demands of living in the Northern Virginia Region. Together, we must highlight our parks and recreation as places of tranquility and greater economic opportunity.  

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